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Empowering underestimated communities with innovative tools, techniques and skills to become sustainable and thrive. 

Ubuntu Institute of Learning(UIL) was created as an agile nonprofit whose goal is to support under-invested communities by providing training, consulting services and technical assistance necessary for their long-term, financial sustainability. There are two avenues by which this mission is attained. UIL provides B2B services to support the missions of nonprofits and B-Corps in the community. UIL also provides training and technical assistance directly to members of the local under-invested community.


With an expertise in creating course curriculum for numerous non-profit intermediaries, corporate businesses and government organizations, Leigh identifies meaningful content that resonates with individuals, teams and organizations. Leigh will identify your course objectives, intended learning outcomes and facilitation method to leverage the best resources for your program’s curriculum to create successful outcomes for participants. Leigh also offers facilitation services and training for instructors. Here are just some of the courses that Leigh has taught and/or created:

In-Person Courses 

Financial Strategies for Seniors, Foreclosure Prevention, Fundamentals of Pre-Purchase, Homebuyer Counseling, Housing Counseling Program Management, HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course, Implementing and Growing your Homebuyer Education, Introduction to Financial Coaching and Client Advocacy, Introduction to Financial Counseling, Methods in Effective Rental Counseling

eLearning Courses 

Advanced Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling, Financial Counseling, Introduction to Financial Coaching and Client Advocacy, Methods in Effective Rental Counseling, Pathways to Credit Empowerment, Foreclosure Prevention Part A, Foreclosure Prevention Part B, HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course, HUD Housing Counseling Certification (HCC) Prep Course Series: HCC: Financial Management, HCC: Property Maintenance, HCC: Responsibilities of Homeownership and Tenancy, HCC: Fair Housing, HCC: Housing Affordability, HCC: Avoidance of Foreclosure and Eviction


Eviction Prevention, Fair Housing, Homebuyer Education Programs, Homeless Counseling, Predatory Lending, Program Sustainability: Marketing Your Non-Profit, Rental Counseling, HUD Complianc



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